This time every year the fun fair invades the park in town, with its loud music, flashing lights and expensive rides, leaving behind big circles of dead grass when it moves on. That said, the girls (and Grace in particular) love it! They have been pestering ever since it arrived to go along, so that’s what we did today.

First up was the dodgems. I’m sure when I was a youngster, all those years ago, they were called bumper cars. I guess with health and safety what it is today, the name had to change! It was very difficult to get a photo of Dale and Grace on the dodgems, especially when I can’t even take photos of things that are staying still.

Faith just loved this ride, she beamed as it went round and round. Well worth the £1 we paid. When Dale went to help her off at the end she was very reluctant to get out!

Next up was this flying rocket ride. It took them a while to realise they had to press a button to make the rocket go up in the air. I was amazed at how relaxed Faith was on all the rides – think she may be into something like extreme sports when she’s older!

Finally, a trip to the fun fair isn’t complete without some teeth-rotting candy floss 🙂 Faith’s expression went from confusion as to what she should do with the strange pink fluffy stuff we were offering her, to a huge grin when she tasted it! We really did have fun at the fair, but our pockets are pleased it only visits once a year!