The girls and I just love to be outdoors. The first thing I do every morning is rush round opening all the curtains and windows to let the outside in, and the girls always ask to go and play outside. Being outside lifts our spirits and gives the girls so much freedom to run around and let off steam.

Today we are enjoying the wonderful fresh smell after a summer shower. My washing got soaked but it is worth it to feel the cool air returning again. Yesterday we escaped for a walk in the park, where we saw some nursery children doing some running and hopping races. Grace started a hopping race of her own, which led to the following conversation:

Grace: Mummy why don’t you hop with me?

Me: Well…

Grace: Actually, no, don’t. You might break!

Thanks Grace! It seems I am going to have to work on getting into shape so I can join in with the hopping races.

Anyway, to my picture for this week’s gallery. On Sunday afternoon we were outside enjoying the garden, the girls were on their scooters and I was hanging out the washing. As I spun the line round I spotted this little chap sitting on the top of my bean canes.

Isn’t he marvellous. The girls were absolutely fascinated so we took these pictures to let them have a closer look. He even seemed to pose for the camera – just look at his little face!

He hung around in the garden for several hours before he moved on!

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