I have to admit I was a little excited and curious when I received a secret squirrel email from Weetabix about their new cereal, and immediately clicked on the link! A couple of weeks later a huge parcel arrived packed with fabulous goodies for the children, including stickers, outdoor toys and a craft kit, as well as leisure vouchers, a reusable bag, bowl, box of cereal and a chocolate spoon. Guess what I did first? 😉

I have to say I am very lucky that my children aren’t picky and are very good at eating breakfast. After all, it is the most important meal of the day and I feel happy knowing that they go off to start their days with full tummies. Usually I only buy chocolate cereals as a rare treat so I was interested to read that this new cereal from Weetabix has all the usual wholegrain goodness but contains half the sugar of the average chocolate flavoured breakfast cereal. It is also reassuring that Chocolate Weetabix is high in fibre and low in salt, fortified with vitamins and iron and free from artificial colours.

On the whole, the cereal was a hit in our house. I was especially pleased that it was sweet enough not to need any extra sugar added but not so sweet it would put me off giving it to the children. Even I enjoyed it and I’m not really one for breakfast cereals!

This cereal will be on sale from tomorrow (12th July) in Sainsburys.

This is a sponsored post.