Despite moving into our house 7 years ago, we’ve never got round to doing anything with the garden. I guess to begin with we both had busy careers and didn’t have the time, or the skills, to do anything with it. It has always niggled at me though as I grew up in a house with a beautiful garden, lots of space to run around, trees to climb and nooks and crannies to play hide and seek in. I remember picking beautiful flowers from the pretty borders then making them into ‘perfume’ with my little sister and ‘selling’ them to the next door neighbour, who would pay us with chocolate animal-shaped biscuits!

So this year I decided that I would really make a go of it and Grace and I set about planting seeds. My Dad donated some tomato and courgette plants and Grace grew a sunflower at school, so we had a starting point. As we were a little late getting started we went for the scattergun approach of planting seeds randomly and hoping for the best.

We decided to grow lots of vegetables and herbs as well as some pretty flowers to fill the gaps. We chose carrots, onions, radishes, beetroot, cauliflowers, blueberries, rocket, thyme, parsley, peppers and chillies. Grace is so proud of the garden she is out there everyday checking how the plants have grown and took these photos!

However, my one big problem is my lawn. It is horrible! Last year my Dad dug it all up, levelled it and reseeded it and I thought it would be lush and green this year. But no, I am still faced with these ugly bald patches!

I cut the grass regularly and water it but to no avail! I desperately need some lawn care tips so I can have the lush, green lawn that I dream of to complete my little garden! So green fingered readers, any advice for a newbie?

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