On Saturday, along with many other parent bloggers, I was invited to Fruit Towers, the spectaular home of Innocent Drinks. And what a place it is! There is astroturf throughout, huge squishy bean bags (which kept Faith amused for ages), comfy seats, a gym, a kitchen area and fridges packed full of delicious smoothies. They even have several vans outside covered in astroturf! If ever they have any jobs going that would suit me, I’ll be up to work there like a shot!

After our squashed and standing room only train journey (thanks to hundreds of Portsmouth fans heading to a match) and roundabout tube ride (thanks to District line closures) we were relieved to be offered a nice cool smoothie when we arrived. The girls gulped theirs down and set about exploring. Faith came face to face with someone in a giant ‘Innocent Wedge’ costume, which scared her half to death and she spent the next hour making mental notes of whereabouts in the room it was so their paths wouldn’t cross again!

Innocent had really set out a wonderful range of activities including colouring tables, face painting, craft activities, laptops running games from the Innocent website, a healthy eating area to share tips and of course, Grace’s favourite part of the day – Smoothie making.

This began with a game to identify different fruits by touch, smell and taste. Grace especially enjoyed sampling the blueberries and, I fear, managed to sneak more than she should have done! Faith refused to wear the blindfold and took the opportunity to scribble with a felt tip all over the worksheet! That is until she saw there were blueberries on offer…

Then the children had the opportunity to make their own smoothies. Grace opted for mango, pineapple and banana and we were very interested to discover that you can add carrot juice or beetroot juice to smoothies to darken the colour.

Lastly they got to sample their efforts, and very tasty they were too. Grace was thrilled to bottle it up, create her own label and bring it home for Daddy to try. And now I’m sure they will be pestering me all the time to make more smoothies.

It was a fabulous morning out and a great opportunity to put some faces to names/blogs. A huge thanks to the staff at Innocent, who were so friendly and made us feel really welcome. We were also sent home with a lovely goody bag and Grace says thank you for the tubes, which she’s been taking in her lunchbox this week.