For a long time now I’ve been desperate to get a lovely traditional dolls’ house for Grace and I to do up together. Ok, I’ve been desperate to get one for myself but now Grace is older, she’s the perfect excuse to get one! So for Christmas we got Grace this:

It is second hand, but they hadn’t done anything with it so we can start from scratch. My Mum and I also got a variety of carpets and accessories to go in it and some paint pot samples to paint the rooms with. I shall also make some little curtains from my stash of fabric offcuts.

A couple of days after Christmas we started painting and papering the rooms ready for the electrics to go in.

Unfortunately, the house is so big we couldn’t get it in the car with all our other stuff when we came back from my Mum’s! I’ll collect it next week and update with more photos as and when we get round to it.