Well, my cake artistry course has come to an end for the Summer holidays so I thought I’d show you what I have been working on in the last few classes. Unfortunately, I had to miss the last class after I fell in the garden and hurt my foot šŸ™

Flower basket

This is the flower basket I was working on over 3 classes. I made slow progress as I had to make all the roses, basket, leaves and small blossoms and leave time for them to dry. The basket was made from a mix of half sugarpaste and half flowerpaste and left to dry in half a kitchen roll tube to get the curved shape.

Basket flowers

The flowers and leaves are made from flowerpaste and wired so they can be arranged in the basket. The finished thing isn’t really to my taste but I have learnt some very useful skills, which I can apply to future cake designs. Just got to save up my pennies so I can do the next class in the Autumn!