This week we had to take a sugarpaste disc to decorate, which could be used as a cake topper. I was sure we had to take a coloured one so spent ages on Sunday colouring up some sugarpaste in a pretty blue colour. Everyone else took white! Oh well, I don’t mind being different. However, it did mean I had some ‘interesting’ colour combinations on my finished topper!

First of all we learned how to pipe flowers onto cellophane secured to the top of a flower nail with a blob of icing. To begin with I found this a bit like patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time! One hand has to slowly turn the nail while the other gently pipes the petals. I think I managed to get the hang of it in the end and produced these (which mostly look like flowers).

Piped flowers

The flowers centres are made from a blob of royal icing that has been dipped in coloured sugar. Once they are dried you can peel the flowers off the cellophane and attach them to cakes. I made about 40 flowers, 20 of them were passable and I bought about 15 home with me. As I got out of the car, a gust of wind caught them and blew most of them down the road! I managed to save just 4 of them 🙁

I used the flowers, along with piped writing and pressured piped leaf decoration to create this cake topper. I would like to use it on a birthday cake for my Mum next week but as I mentioned earlier, the colours are a bit random! I would make another one as it is all good practice but unfortunately, I don’t have a machine to mix the royal icing and doing it by hand sounds like it could take forever.

cake topper

Next week we are learning to pipe different kinds of flowers.