One rule we have in our family is that we sit down and eat together as often as possible – every meal at the weekend and as many times during the week as we can. As with all families, we have a hectic schedule with numerous after school clubs, parties and irregular working hours, but sitting down altogether to eat is so important. But come a Friday night, I’m pretty exhausted! It’s the perfect time to sit down and chat about our week, but it’s the one time when I just can’t face cooking. So, the perfect option is a takeaway. We sit down together and eat, someone else does the cooking. Perfect!

We’ve used JUST EAT to order our takeaways for a while and have always been impressed with the service we’ve received. Now they have an app to order through, it makes life even easier. When JUST EAT kindly sent us some vouchers to use, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out their app on my iPad.

I have to say, I was very impressed with the ease of the process. After typing in my postcode, as I would on the website, there is a screen where I can see all my local takeaways or sort by cuisine. Having looked at both the app and the website, it seems the range available on both is the same. Some are sponsored restaurants, so they appear at the top. You can also find reviews and star ratings for each one.

just eat

We decided to have a Chinese meal – the children have recently developed a love for crispy duck pancakes! The menu was easy to navigate and divided into food types, making it quick and simple to find what we were looking for. I also like how the font was nice and large so I could pass the iPad to the children to find what they wanted without it just being a huge baffling list of options for them.  Once you’ve chosen your food, you can review it and send the order on over, logging in as you would with the website.

It was so easy to navigate and the process was so slick, I think it saved me even more time than I usually take when ordering a take away. This means even more family time – just what we need at the end of a busy week.

As usual, the food arrived quickly, our order was correct (we even had some extra goodies thrown in!) and it was tasty. And most importantly, I didn’t have to cook it! A great start to the weekend in my book!

Many thanks to JUST EAT for sending us a voucher to review the service and helping us have a stress free family Friday evening!