Ever since I started knitting this for Faith it has been known as the hat scarf thingy! You see, it is a hat but it is also a scarf. I supposed it could be called a hooded scarf or maybe a harf or a scat… Anyway, whatever you want to call it, it is finally finished and just in time for the cold weather.

I followed a very simple pattern that I found on ravelry and it was a very quick knit. I found the yarn in a charity shop – 5 balls for £2.50. What a bargain! To be honest, I wasn’t really sure about the colours – I’m not mad keen on too much pink for the girls, but I actually quite like it now. And it is soooo soft – I wonder if I have enough left to make one for myself?

Now I just need to finish Grace’s scarf. I chose a pattern that is very pretty but knits up very slowly and now Faith has her hat scarf thingy, Grace is desperate for her scarf too. If anyone needs me I’ll be knitting like a demon….