The girls were very excited when we were asked if we’d like to test out an inflatable Gingerbread House from Tube Town. Our house and garden aren’t very large so having any kind of playhouse isn’t easy due to lack of storage space. The beauty of this little (or fairly large actually!) house is that you can quickly inflate it when the children want to use it and easily deflate and pack it away in a handy storage bag when you want it out of the way.

The house comes with its own hand pump and only took a few minutes and a little elbow grease to put up, although you do need to allow quite a bit of space to jostle with it, especially if you are putting it up inside. If you want to use the house outside in the garden then you can secure it to the ground using the pegs provided. We only tested it inside because of the freezing cold weather, but I image it would be great fun outside in the summer.

Once the house is inflated, it is surprising sturdy and is spacious. My girls, aged 6 and 2, had plenty of space to play in the house with their toys and the 6 year old could happily stand up in the house. Although the recommended age range is 3 years and over, Faith enjoyed playing in the house too. The only slight issue was that she had a tendency to trip over the lip at the bottom where the door is. The bright pink house is decorated with little gingerbread characters and has two doors, which can be rolled up and fastened with velcro.

I can see this house providing hours of fun for all youngsters and with more products due to be released this year, there is bound to be one that will spark your child’s imagination. My girls were sad to see this go when we had to send it back and I think it will definitely be added to their birthday lists. At £49.99 it’s a fairly pricey purchase but I’m confident it would be money well spent.

This is a review post – we were sent an inflatable Gingerbread House to test for 2 weeks, which we then sent back.